Frequently Asked Question

What is Malaysia's Blood Ordering System (MyBOS) about?

MyBOS is an online ordering system designed for hospitals to request donor's blood from PDN.

How do I register to the system?

There are two methods of new user registration,
1) Contact PDN with your personal details (name, IC number, contact number, email address), preferred username and organization name.
2) Register yourself by clicking the "Create new account" link, filling in the form, submit and contacting PDN afterwards to validate your user.

Do I need to provide a usable email?

Yes, user functions such as changing personal details, and reply notification are linked with your email thus are required during user registration.

Can I share id with another staff?

No, you need to use your own id for security reasons. This is also to avoid any confusion during ordering process.

How do I make an order?

After you have successfully logged in to your id, click the "Blood Request" link on the menu bar, you will get to the ordering page. Once page fully loaded, fill in the ordering form with the type of request, followed by type of product and processes you require. Then fill in the amount in blood bags unit, and submit the form. You will need to confirm all the details in the next page and complete the order.

Do I need MO approval for every case by case request?

This field is compulsory for every case by case request, however for request products other than "Platelet Apheresis", "Rh-" and ---, you may fill in 00000 in the MO code to proceed with the ordering.

How do I request for very specific case ie antibody?

You have to send your request manually, because the system is mainly targeted for stock type orders.

Do I have to call PDN after placing order?

Yes, for very urgent request because due to the sheer number of requests coming in during the day, we process all requests by first come first basis unless requested otherwise.

Can everyone see my request?

No, your request are private to your institution/ hospital. Therefore, only you and the other staffs from the same institution/ hospitals can view your requests.

How does browse request list works?

All staff from the same institution/ hospital would be able to view the request made by each other. Thus, the page will display all request made by users from the same institution/ hospital filtered daily by default. You can change the result by changing the dates in the search options.

Is it compulsory to bring pdf sheet generated by the system?

Yes, the print out generated from the system is required during the collection of the ordered products.

Do I need to wait for the order to be approved before going to PDN for collection?

No, once you have successfully submitted the order and print the pdf sheet generated by the system, you can directly bring the print out form to PDN for collection.

How do I make an order if the system is suddenly unreachable?

Revert to paper ordering form until the system is completely back online or you can contact PDN for more information.

Where do I find guides to operate the system?

You can find it here. Contact PDN for further assistance.

How do I contact PDN if I need assistance related to the system?

You can contact the IT officer, Mr. Risi at 03-2613 2640 or the MLT in charge, Ms. Shanizah at 03-2613 2664.